This Heroic Guy Caught A Toddler Falling From The Third Floor Of A Burning Building

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A heroic guy named Philip Blanks, a former high school football player, saved a toddler falling from a third-floor apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.

This Orange County wide receiver probably caught the best catch in his life! While playing football in high school, he surely didn’t imagine that his skills will save a life one day.

An apartment in Phoenix caught fire and in the midst of rising flames, a mother was seen throwing her son from the third-floor balcony to save him from the fire. The tragic incident happened on 3rd July and a video shot by a bystander captured the entire incident.

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Philip Blanks played for Kalamazoo Central High School, Michigan, and he just proved himself to be a heroic guy with a save like that.

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When the incident took place, he was at a friend’s apartment in the same building. Suddenly he heard a lot of screaming. People standing outside the building were shouting that the burning building still had people in it.

That’s when this local hero jumped in to save the toddler.

This Heroic Guy Is Also A Former US Marine

Besides being a former high school football star, Philip Blanks has other laurels to his name as well. The guy who saved the 3-year-old also happens to be a former US Marine. Working for an elite fighting force of the US, Blanks is already a hero. But his best work is saving this child’s life.

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The video of the incident shows that Blanks didn’t hesitate to run ahead and catch the falling child. It was almost like an instinct for him. When he saw the child twirling down from the third-floor balcony, he immediately had a tunnel vision. All he could see for the moment was the child.

Blanks reports that he saw another guy standing there at the spot, but intuitively he knew that he was not going to seize the moment. Instead, Blanks stepped up when he heard the call.

The Phoenix apartment suffered a heavy fire. Rachel Long, 30, was in there with her two children. To save her 3-year-old boy Jameson, she threw him off the balcony. But she remained stuck inside. Rachel even managed to save her 8-year-old daughter from the apartment after a man helped break their door and take her out of there.

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But the mother of two, already on fire, couldn’t save herself. She didn’t survive the accident but made the ultimate sacrifice of saving her children from the awful fire.

Philip Blanks dove in like a guardian angel for the Arizona family. Blanks managed to catch the toddler but fell on his side, which damaged the child’s foot. Blanks ran away from the site immediately with the child in his arms.

It was quite an impossible task to catch a toddler falling from a building. But this heroic guy made it possible. The former Marine and football player remains an inspiration for us.

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