This Is What Politicians Debating Global Warming Could Soon Look Like

Politicians Debating Global Warming

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Back in 2022, Isaac Cordal, a Spanish street artist, created an installation about politicians debating global warming. The image has been doing rounds of the internet ever since. Sea levels are shooting higher than ever and the global temperature is keeping it company. It is estimated that by the end of this century, our current sea levels will rise up to 3 feet! 

And a recent clock put up in New York reminds us we have just 7 years to fix our climate. Otherwise, our emissions levels will reach such heights that it will increase the earth’s temperature by 1.5 degrees Celsius. That was the target of the Paris Agreement, and the goal seems improbable with each passing day.

Cordal’s Politicians Debating Global Warming Sculpture

Politicians Debating Global Warming

This particular sculpture of Cordal is named “electoral campaign” and is a part of the bigger installation named  “Follow the Leaders”. It was installed in Berlin, Germany. The faceless men are the politicians and businessmen who control the capitalist world. It is mostly the greed of capitalism that has led us to this global climate change. And Cordal has commented, “These pieces reflect our own decline. We live immersed in the collapse of a system that needs change.” 

Cordal works on many such sculptures to install then in public spaces throughout Europe. He documents their installation and you can find more of his works here.

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“Politicians debating global warming” is a harsh commentary on how the day might come when the whole world will be drowning, but politicians and other men of power will still be busy “discussing” their policies. It points out how our politicians often care more about their capitalist friends over the common public.

Cordal’s Other Works

“Cement Eclipses” is another of Cordal’s creation. This is his social critique of the systems. We are often led to believe individual efforts make no impact. But Cordal insists that is not the case. He believes small changes can manipulate global inertia and bring positive results.

waiting for climate change

“Waiting for climate change” is another of Cordal’s creations from 2012. He installed figures along the coast of Belgium who are tackling climate change with various degrees of concern.

In 2013, Cordal had another installation with the same name. This time situated in the Château des Ducs de Bretagne moat, in France, the life-sized figures wore business suits. His website mentions: “Impassive and blasé, they absently watch the water level rise.”


Cordal’s “politicians debating global warming” installation is still as relevant in 2020 as it was in 2011. Despite multiple warnings from scientists, and multiple agreements between governments to cut down emissions, there has not been much change. Thankfully, many responsible citizens are aware of the impending doom. Be it a search engine planting trees or certain countries relying on only green energy, some of us are actively doing our best to save the planet.

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