This Search Engine Plants Trees When You Use It And They Planted 100 Million Trees Already

search engine plants trees

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The world is racing towards doomsday, with ever-increasing carbon emissions and drastic climate changes. But one corporation believes that the future can be changed. This search engine plants trees every time someone uses it.

Ecosia is a German non-profit organization that became the first B-certified Corporation in the country for their work towards a sustainable environment. The corporation has earned a lot of fame and for all good reasons. Working under its founder and CEO Christian Kroll, Ecosia started this one of a kind journey almost 11 years back. 

How The Search Engine Works And Its Contributions

While most businesses and organizations are running after profits, Ecosia uses the same technique to do some good for this world. Most of the revenue that comes from advertising on the Ecosia website or their app goes in planting trees or organizing green projects.

And in a decade, they have reached a commendable milestone: 100 million trees. What exactly do the 100 million trees stand for? Loosely translated, it comes to 1771 tonnes of CO2 removed from the environment, numerous habitats of endangered species renewed, fertile soil, more biodiversity, healthier rivers, nourishment of tribal communities, more productive farms, and lastly, higher revenue generation for a country.

Scientists claim that the effects of greenhouse gases can be reversed only by reforestation or planting more trees. Therefore, this search engine’s contribution can be considered huge.

Ecosia claims that they are working to make this world a greener place and not to fill pockets of few with money.

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The world has seen many such ecological projects from time to time since the early 2000s. That was the time when the adverse effects of carbon emissions began to be estimated. 

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Starting from community-oriented or corporation-led green projects to individual efforts to replenish trees, there have been many such projects, for example, Africa’s Great Green Wall project, or Haidar el Ali’s efforts to build a mangrove forest.

Recent Efforts

Ecosia’s search engine is privacy-focused. Since 2019, its aim has been to help people make greener decisions. This search engine is so designed that it puts the symbol of a green leaf beside websites of eco-friendly corporations and the symbol of a fossil fuel plant beside organizations that leave the most carbon footprint.

Ecosia’s blog writes that 100 million trees is a “protest sign.” This search engine is working towards “tech for good.”

Ecosia plants native species of trees. Following the tragic Amazon fires, they planted 3 million trees in Brazil itself. This search engine also helped out during the Australian bushfires. In May 2020, they planted trees around COVID Hospitals to provide frontline workers with a healthier work environment.

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Their other projects include building a tree nursery in Madagascar with over 200,000 trees in 2018. In 2019, they prevented locals from selling their land to palm oil corporations as a part of their forest-agriculture project.

From time to time, Ecosia has been involved with many such projects. They don’t hope to get rich, but they sure are working hard to make mother earth rich.

Feature Image: Ecosia Blog

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