This Honey Buzzard Flew Over 10,000 Km In Just 42 Days

Femal Honey Buzzard

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The wilderness is a fascinating place. While birds can fly across the globe, many stick to a migration pattern. Recently, a honey buzzard surprised the Finnish locals after they saw the places she traveled to in mere 42 days. 

These birds of prey travel from Northern Europe to deep in Africa annually. Their migration period usually starts in November. And by the time it’s April, they return to the same breeding ground that they always use. 

Fascinated by the annual migration route, Helsinki locals fit a satellite tracking device onto a honey buzzard recently. As winter came, the bird flew south to look for feeding grounds. Typically, honey buzzards settle for Central Africa. However, some adventurous birds go deep into South Africa. 

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In the extreme north, sunlight lasts for around 24 hours in summer. And so, these birds hunt throughout days and nights. 

There are even stories of the Eilat sky getting covered by these birds. All the south-bound birds usually rest in the marshes while flying south. 

A female European Honey Buzzard Bird was fitted with a satellite tracking system in Finland recently and was of…

Gepostet von WildAware am Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2020


From Finland To Reitz

Everyone dreams of traveling across many countries without the worry of finances or customs. Many of us even dream of traveling across Finland to Reitz. Well, this might come as a sad sight to see a bird living our desired life. 

This particular female honey buzzard flew straight from Finland to Reitz, with just a tiny deviation in the middle. The many places she flew over were Helsinki, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Syria, And down to the end of the Red Sea. It deviates a little over the Black Sea, possibly to fly over land. Mostly, this honey buzzard’s route was a straight line that could very well have been a traveler’s map. 

This female honey buzzard’s journey is not over yet. After reaching Egypt, it flew over Sudan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This is where many of her kind settle down. However, it seems like our Finnish honey buzzard is one of the adventurous ones. She then flew over Limpopo, past the Blyde River Canyon, and finally stopped at Reitz. From Helsinki to the South African free state of Reitz, it’s a fascinating journey. 


Female Honey Buzzard Flew 230 Kms In 24 Hours

What has awed many is the fact that this Finnish honey buzzard flew an average of 230 km every 24 hours. And in mere 42 days, it covered Aldi day 10,000 km. 

Sometime in April, the bird took leave and flew back to Finland. What’s fascinating is that it took around the same time to reach Finland as it did to travel to Reitz. By early June, this bird of prey was back to its original spot. The fact of the matter is that this honey buzzard will travel the same route the following year. 

Awe-striking wildlife at its best!

Image Credit: Dennis Jacobsen

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