This Neighbor Covered A Tree With Net To Safeguard The Fruits

covered a tree

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Two images have been circulating on the internet that shows that a person has covered a tree with a mosquito net. This person has apparently done this to safeguard ‘his’ fruits from his neighbors. A few branches of the tree seem to be spilling over beyond the boundary wall, and a man’s gotta do what he gotta do!

Be it fruit juices or salads, we all love our share of fruits. And it is a fairly common practice across the world to share your fruit and vegetable bounty with your neighbors. But this man was not having any of that! The mosquito net covered tree was his best effort to make sure his neighbors didn’t get what was his. 

Neighbor Covered A Tree For Its Fruits

The images were shared on Twitter by a lady named Janet Machuka. It showed a mesh-like material that covered the tree. The post was captioned “Such neighbors exist”. It was an avocado tree, and apparently, the person on the other side of the wall was not interested in sharing. To make sure the ripe fruits did not fall on the other side, the net was put up. The images show how he managed to rope in the fruits while leaving out most of the leaves. Netizens had their share of fun with this post, while others felt the act to be too selfish. 

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But a man who has covered a tree to safeguard the fruits is not the only crazy thing the internet has learned about neighbors. Back in December 2019, a Florida woman had purchased 5 goats from her neighbor. Later, she went to court regarding the paternity of the goats she had purchased. The woman strongly believed that her Nigerian dwarf goats were fathered by a pedigreed animal. 

Photo source: Janet Machuka

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