This Guy Tried To Sneak Down The Street Dressed As A Bush During Quarantine

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

As the world reels under the grip of the ongoing pandemic, every day seems to bring new restrictions upon us. But not everyone finds it easy being cooped up inside the home for days. And a few among us are thinking of the most ingenious ways to sneak out! Take this man in the bush costume, for example.

Residents in a UK neighborhood noticed a man going down the road, dressed as a bush! Madeline Mai-Davies and Nicholas Murray were the lucky ones to spot this moving bush. They were quick to realize the reason behind this mobile bush and promptly recorded a video.

Having posted 2 separate videos on TikTok, the duo managed to garner millions of views across multiple social media platforms.

We have often seen in movies how detectives and others resort to disguises in order to move inside enemy territory. But this man’s real-life story is no less interesting! He can be seen covered from head to toe in fake leaves. He takes cover behind trash cans at times. And when in open areas, he takes the form of a bush. 

The stealth movements, rolling, and somersaulting- all indicate how this man must really love his freedom! 

Even a pandemic can’t stop him from going outside.

Or maybe not.

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Murray later posted saying how the man in the bush costume was actually trying to pull a prank while he went out for grocery shopping. Even in the areas where lockdowns are effective, the common public is allowed to go out to buy groceries and other essentials. And our man in the bush costume just wanted to spice up this boring routine!

In an interview, Murray explained how he never expected their videos to garner over 16 million views. The couple is happy that even in such trying times, their video was able to make people smile.

We all seek hope and the man in the bush costume surely makes us all smile a bit and hope for a future when going out wouldn’t be a luxury anymore.


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