Lambs Spotted “Playing” On Children’s Roundabout During Coronavirus Lockdown


By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

A group of lambs having fun in a park have become the latest internet sensation highlighting the presence of wild animals in urban environments during lockdown.

Have you ever wondered what your pets get up to when you leave the house? Several animation movies, the Life Secret Life of Pets for example, are based on such themes.

It might not be domestic animals, but we’re now getting a glimpse into what the wild animals which inhabit the fringes of the human world, would do when no one is around.

Animals emboldened during lockdown

Across the globe city streets are eerily deserted as people adhere to lockdowns and social distancing.

Fewer vehicles, less people about and lower noise pollution levels – there have been a number of unexpected sightings of wildlife.

From the deer seen roaming Japanese streets to raccoons on an emptied beach in Panama. From turkeys wandering Californian neighbourhoods to wild boars stomping through the cobbled streets of Barcelona. There have been some amazing stories of ‘nature hitting back’.

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Now, following recent sightings of goats taking over the small Welsh coastal town of Llandudno, a flock of lambs has been filmed in a park in Preston, England.

While the goats were getting up to no good activities like eating plants in peoples’ gardens, the lambs have been having a bit of fun in public spaces.

In fact, they have been making good use of a children’s round-about and a few of them even seem to have caught on to how it works!

Stories and videos of these sightings have been well received by people on social media. Despite the fear and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, it’s given us all something to smile about.

It’s also been interesting to see the animals’ natural curiosity. And perhaps also to imagine a different world with less hustle and bustle, fewer cars. Where humans and animals can co-exist.

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IMAGE FEATURE:  Debbie Ellis/ Twitter

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