Man Shows Gratitude To Hospital Staffs Through His Heart-Touching Message


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Allison Swendsen, a nurse, posted this picture and said that she saw this man standing at the hospital window with tears in his eyes.

Today the whole world has been torn apart by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. All over the planet, people are moving into isolation, whether infected or not. Away from their loved ones, away from their daily work, away from everything.

But that’s not the worst. The worst is when a family member is getting infected. When they need their near ones the most, they are being isolated for days. There is no certainty that they will reunite again.

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But amid all the chaos, the doctors, nurses and other health workers have come forward to battle the pandemic. Day in and day out they are fighting to save lives, without bothering about the risk and what they will get in return. Even if they succeed, the patient’s family would not know whom to thank.

So, it went viral when a man came up with his own way to show his gratitude for these tireless faceless soldiers. He was spotted by the window of Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, holding a poster thanking the medical staff who saved his wife’s life, his other hand touching his heart.

“Thank you all in [the] emergency for saving my wife’s life. I love you all,” – the sign read.


Image: Facebook

Though the man could not be identified, the medicos found this gesture very touching. They were overwhelmed by such beautiful display of gratitude. Swendsen said that it made her believe in herself all over again, that the health workers actually made a difference.

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New Jersey has had a hard blow with above 4000 confirmed cases till date. The health staff are getting more burdened every day. But hardly anyone can come up to them to express their solidarity with this relentless fight that is going on inside the glass walls of the hospitals. So now these very glasses have become the medium of conveying messages.


A similar instance has been witnessed at the Cleveland Clinic as well. During the treatment, the staff used to communicate with a patient by writing on the window glass. When the patient recovered, he also followed the same way to show his love for the staff who cured him. He also mentioned that it was literally the most impactful window in his life.

These pictures in themselves are conveying an idea of bonding between the common people and the healthcare professionals. They are saying that the doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel who are fighting on the frontline are not alone. We are fighting alongside them. Our fight is through these messages, through those little donations we can make. And most importantly, by staying in isolation to break the chain!


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