This Guy Repurposed Volkswagen Beetle’s Into These Awesome ‘Volkspod” Mini Bikes

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most of us have many memories of car trips. Be it the games with our siblings or fighting over who gets the window seat, car memories are always fun. And one such fun car was the Volkswagen Beetle. But since the company stopped production of the car long back, one enthusiast built his very own Volkswagen Beetle mini bikes!

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The Beetle was well-known for its bubble-like structure and an icon of the yesteryears. The Beetle stopped selling in the US back in 1980 but the worldwide production continued till 2003. Brent Walter, a fan of the Beetle decided to repurpose the remaining cars into nostalgia-soaked adorable little Volkswagen Beetle mini bikes.


Walter is the mastermind behind the “Volkspod” mini bikes. He welded the fenders from the 4 corners of Beetles and reused the taillights from the cars as well. These mini bikes have a bicycle-type handlebar for the rider but they are not your average bicycles. With their 3HP engines, these Volkswagen Beetle mini bikes can manage to reach 25m/h.


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And the VW Beetle details don’t stop with the exteriors. While the mini bikes retain the bulbous shape of the Beetle, they also have the crest on the front, the step from the car, and even the engine is the same.

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If you are planning for a long road trip with the Volkswagen Beetle mini bikes, let me remind you these are just scooters. So, instead, you can go for a short ride round of the neighborhood and see your neighbors’ faces light up with nostalgia. Want to buy one immediately? But what if I tell you, you can even build your own! Just follow Brent on Instagram and learn all the details.

Image credits: Brent Walter


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