Couple Turned Two Shipping Containers Into Beautiful Home In Less Than 10 Months

Shipping Container home

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A house is a place you decide to occupy for living. But love and care turns a house into a home. While one person may love a lavish penthouse in the bustle of the city, some prefer to live in more modest accommodations. The Tiny House Movement and minimalism are fueling this trend further. So, this couple from Cowlitz County, Washington D.C. decided to turn two shipping containers into their home!

This alternative housing comprises 2 large shipping containers: one which is 40ft and another which is 20ft. Dave and Jaimie chose to live in this space instead of paying debts and mortgages for years, making it a warm home with their love.

Jaimie even claimed they took the concept from legos, just joining some blocks for a home!

After buying a piece of land they liked, the couple spent around $80,000 to turn the 2 metal shipping containers into their loving home. The house is basically built from scratch and DIY is the way they chose to go. Be it the structure, its plumbing, wirings, or weldings- all DIY!

Once they had decided on the basic budget of the whole project, Dave and Jaimie worked hard Monday through Thursday and kept the remaining 3 days of the week to construct their dream home.

In around 10 months, the duo pulled off this feat and built themselves a shipping container house with a bedroom, lounge, pantry, kitchen, and bathroom. The spaces were divided into two floors and they could even accommodate a garden of their own. 

Dave and Jaimie had an obstacle midway when Dave suffered from a spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage. But, fortunately, the couple pulled through and managed to complete the construction of their house. As the couple worked together to build something for themselves, this gave Dave the motivation to keep fighting. It helped him recover faster.

Jaimie said that they learned a valuable lesson as they embarked on their journey of building a home out of 2 shipping containers: 

“I think what this has taught us about ourselves is that we can do things that are really, really hard that if we do them together, we can definitely accomplish it.”

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