This Female Bodybuilder Drinks Semen Thinking It Will Protect Her From Coronavirus

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By Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

The Coronavirus has affected most of the world by now and people have been affected in ways we could not have imagined just a few months prior.

Tracy Kiss a British Vegan personal trainer & bodybuilder has been fairly vocal about drinking semen smoothies and how it helped her to prevent illness. She stated that she hasn’t had a cold or flu in the past three years since she started drinking semen smoothies.

She told The Mirror: ” I found a free and vegan-friendly alternative method to boost the body’s immune system.”

“It isn’t much different to a mother breastfeeding her newborn to give them the nutrients they need.”

She believes that the semen smoothies she makes using her boyfriend’s semen actually helps her to not get infected with the coronavirus.
She said: “It is best to consume semen as close to production as possible to get the most nutrients and benefits.”
She said: “It is just another natural remedy but completely free – you don’t have to have a partner, you could just ask a male friend who is healthy.”   
There are currently no studies that suggest drinking semen or any other magic smoothie will help you combat and or eliminate the threat of the coronavirus.

If this is something people want to try that we will definitely leave up to them. But just a word of caution there is currently still not any cure for the coronavirus, the best course of action is prevention by practicing good personal hygiene, and social distancing.

You can view the video that Tracey posted on her YouTube Chanel here.

Image Credit:  budabar  & Iryna Shatilova


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