You Could Spot A Liar Using These Techniques Revealed By FBI Agents

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

FBI agents have their life spelled out to them in the form of seeking the truth. Due to the nature of their job, it is quite obvious that criminals lie to them all the time to get away scot-free. Goes without saying that this makes it imperative for the FBI to find out the truth in their own way, without exercising violence. And this is something you can use in your own life to find out if someone is lying to you. 

Here’s how FBI agents realize that someone is lying to them.

1. Build A Rapport

If you are more empathetic than aggressive, people will open up to you more. You need to actually build a rapport with the person, which comes off as endearing and friendly. 


2. Be a Good Listener like FBI Agents

If you want to get hold of a good conversation, and information that might actually make sense, you need to listen more than you speak. Remember that anyone who has something to hide will line their sentences with complexities. For example, a person who is stressed will talk fast and loud. If someone is being deceptive, their voice will crack at the exact point they are trying to lie. They might also be coughing a lot. Look out for all these signs. 

3. FBI Agents Surprise Them

Sometimes people are well aware of the questions they might be asked in an interrogation. This helps them snake their way out because they have already rehearsed the answers. But if you can manage to ask them questions that are very shocking, chances are they will stumble and give up.

4. How Do They Say ‘No’?

Even the way they say ‘no’ can be very deceptive. You need to be razor-sharp, just like FBI agents, to identify it. A person is usually lying when they

I. Look somewhere else when saying ‘no’

II. Close their eyes after saying ‘no’

III. Hesitate, and then say ‘no’.

IV. Their ‘no’ stretches for quite some time. 

V. They sing it out. 

5. FBI Agents Ask Them To Narrate The Story The Other Way Round

If they are being honest, they will be able to tell you the truth going forward or backward. The details will come up as they are narrating it, and will make sense whether it is narrated from one end or the other. Liars, on the other hand, would try to put in more details in the beginning, for that is how they have mugged it all up. 

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6. Behavioral Changes

If they are displaying severe behavioral changes, they are definitely lying. Especially if that person shows memory lapses, or answers questions very curtly, or is very formal.


7. Follow Up Questions With Other Questions

If you want to get to know the person you are interrogating more closely, you need to spin questions after questions as a tale. You can’t simply charge them with something if you want to bring it out on the table. Go round the bushes and ask them. There are times when someone wouldn’t want to answer due to embarrassment. So you would need to get it out of them by beating around the bushes. 

So the next time you feel someone is lying to you, you can use these techniques, as prescribed by FBI agents, to find out the truth. 

Image Featured: Woraphon Nusen

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