This Company Is Trying To Develop A Smartphone Covid-19 Test That Uses Your Voice


By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

A company called Soniphi are optimistic that they’re close to developing an app which will use voice technology to test for Covid-19.

Think about when a friend or family member has a cold – how their voice changes to a nasal sound. It’s that concept which has fuelled the belief that a person’s voice can reveal a lot about their health.

And there is scientific evidence to back this up.

Soniphi have for the past seven years been working on smartphone technologies which can identify very specific health traits within the human body.

Their work is based on the finding that information from the brain is processed through the vagus nerve, which is connected to the vocal cord.

Using this discovery, the Soniphi researchers have worked out a way to decipher voice frequencies. And through this, they believe they will be able to identify the bio-markers of Covid-19.

Several universities including MIT, Harvard and Carnegie Mellon have also undertaken similar studies.

“By processing speech recordings of people infected with COVID-19 but not yet showing symptoms, these researchers found evidence of vocal biomarkers, or measurable indicators, of the disease,” reads a statement on MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory website.

“These biomarkers stem from disruptions the infection causes in the movement of muscles across the respiratory, laryngeal, and articulatory systems.”

You can help develop the Covid-19 test

Meanwhile the team at Soniphi believe that they are potentially just weeks away from releasing the technology.

They do however currently have a major snag in that they are struggling to find enough test subjects – people who are Covid-19 positive,

As such, they are urgently looking for candidates willing to assist. If you or anyone you know has tested positive for Covid-19, you can help out by logging in to

When or if the technology is perfected, Soniphi say they will offer the app for no cost.

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“Our goal is to offer the world a free mobile app. So that anyone can record their voice and learn whether they have COVID.”

The worldwide ramifications will be huge if the prohibitive cost and difficulty in getting a Covid-19 test is removed.

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