This Company Invented Clothing To Protect You From Knife Attacks


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

At the International Security Expo 2019, PPSS Group launched a vest that would protect everyone from knife attacks. This vest is extremely lightweight and shock-resistant, making blunt objects like a metal club useless. Yet, the vest really shines for its ability to withstand knife attacks. At the Security Expo, one of the staff kept trying to plunge a knife into the announcer’s torso, to no avail. 

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The PPSS SlashPro is the trendiest body armor in the market. It is made of, Auxilam, a unique carbon fiber composite material, which has not been used in the market until recently. The body armor offers many other advantages, like being thinner and lighter- thereby adept at being concealed under clothes. Also, it is machine washable- so you won’t get the stink after you have just saved yourself from knife attacks. So, next time you are about to get into the mix of things, wear this inside your uniform. 

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The demonstration did show the resilience of the vest as the staff kept slashing at it with his knife. And not just a knife, he resorted to mini machetes, which cut the shirt to pieces but didn’t touch the skin. With the metallic ‘thwack’ that was produced, one could imagine that this material wasn’t exactly cotton. The company believes that this vest would definitely protect people and law enforcement officers against knife attacks. The body armor also comes with headgear (made of the same material) and sleeves. 

The vest will be certified to KR2/SP2, according to the UK Home Office Body Armour Standard, as well as NIJ Level 2 (Stab & Spike) and VPAM K2/D2. Hence it will offer a truly significant higher level of knife and spike protection.

Let’s just hope that this body gear would prevent knife attacks and decrease the overall crime rate.

Image Credit: PPSS

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