These Trippy Photos Reveal How Incredible Water Looks When You Blast It With Sound


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We barely have the time to work on our hobbies after we come back home from work. Not Linden Gledhill though. This pharmaceutical biochemist returns home from work only to proceed to his lab. And his lab is akin to Batman’s cave- with custom made gear where he simply records the intermixing of beautiful displays of various scientific events transpiring. And now his latest visuals display the beauty that is sound in water.

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This man has several innovations to his name- a machine that creates snowflakes when asked; a photography rig with super-resolution. And this isn’t just mere tomfoolery- he is actually amazing at it. He uploads all these on his Flickr account, which then attracts art directors and advisors. With his ‘hobby’, he has earned several ad gigs, music videos and recently, a venture in the fashion industry. His art has been taken up by a big fashion company and would be worn by models.

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This innovation by him is actually quite interesting. For quite some years now, Gledhill had been working with a dish filled with a liquid, that would be kept on a speaker. This setup is called a cymascope, and this helps establish a set pattern and tune for the waves that are created when then the dish is tapped. Since the waves move faster than the naked eye can see, Gledhill uses high-resolution slow-mo cameras that capture the vivid nature of the waves, due to the movement of sound in water.

linden gledhill

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In an interview with Business Insider, Gledhill mentions how the cameras help focus on the individual vibration of any one particular wave. Without the camera, all one would notice would be a uniform movement of the waves with no distinctive change in their nature. In most cases, we have to depend on the frequency of the liquid to notify any changes that might come up.

sound in water 3

sound in water2

The science is clear- nodes are created where waves meet. And when the ripples negate each other, a trough is created.

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Needless to say, this was one of the trendiest innovations of the year when it was brought out. People have forever wondered about the nature of sound in water. But Gledhill has actually gone the distance and captured images which might stop the myriad debates regarding this.

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All images: Linden Gledhill

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