This Bike Chair Allows You To Take Someone With Special Needs For A Ride

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Glad loved to go cycling with her husband Bill. So when she could no longer do it, Bill built her a precious bike chair cycle so that she could continue to enjoy going on rides with him.

Glad and Bill Forward had a fairytale romance. They met when they were young and fell in love as they grew up together. Bill was Glad’s brother’s friend. And he knew when she looked at him in a special way when he was playing with her brother. But their happily ever after still had a few unexpected chapters.

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Cycling together was their couple-thing. He used to cycle to her house when they dated. It was those moments that they enjoyed the most with each other. They even carried their kids on baskets on the front. Later in life, Glad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Glad’s condition worsened despite Bill’s efforts. And then one day, her mobility was too limited to cycle.

Bill could not bear to let her miss out on cycling. So he built a bike chair cycle to take her on rides with him. A bike chair cycle is like a tricycle with a chair in the front. The chair portion in a bike chair cycle has two heels. Behind a bike chair cycle, there is a handle and the third wheel.

Their pictures and videos on their bike have become a viral sensation online. According to Bill, even if he has to do absolutely everything from her from morning till night, he does not mind it. He does not consider it a burden. He considers it a great privilege to be able to care for a woman whom he loves and who loved him so much during their time.

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Bill has stated that he is determined to care for her every need. He acknowledges that she did all she could for him when she was capable. Now that she can’t, he will make sure that he does it all for her. And it does not matter if it has been fifty years since their marriage, she is still like a princess to him and he is her prince.

There are few people in this world today who would take up such efforts for their loved ones. Bill and Glad’s love story and their bike chair cycle remind us that love should always be selfless or else it would not be love.

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