These Teardrop Shaped “Tree Tents” Are Just Way Too Cool

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Camping on the grounds is about to be so old school. It is time to camp on the trees. If you haven’t heard of this then now is your time. There is a new way to camp and it involves teardrop-shaped tents to be set on trees that will allow you to sway with the wind.

Dutch designer  Dré Wapenaar drew out this wonderful idea of having a raindrop like a tent hang on the tree. It is called a TreeTent. You would be surprised to know that these tents weren’t designed just yesterday and for all nature lovers out there- there is a great history attached to their creation.

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Wapenaar designed these tents back in 1998, inspired by the people who tied themselves to the trees to prevent them from getting cut down in England. Today, you may not be able to buy them, but they might be something to consider for your next trip.

Hertshoorn Campgrounds of Netherlands rents them for five months every year. It is one of a kind experience where you would get the feeling of living on a tree. Based on how much you would like to swing in the wind, you could pick the right spot, sorry height, as per your preference. The higher the tent would be the more it will be moved by the wind.

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Not only this much. TreeTent has two levels. It can house two adults and two kids on the main level alone. You would, of course, need a ladder to go up or come down.

Designer Wapenaar never intended them to be shaped so. According to him, they turned out like that during the design. He had created them for a cause they were never used for it. Instead, they were adapted into a one-of-a-kind camping experience. But he is quite pleased.

These tents draw a picture of teardrops coming out of the trees and he hopes that this would create awareness among people about saving them.

Image: Odditymail

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