Artist Delicately Crafts Colorful Insects From Freshly Cut Flowers


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Beauty is bountiful in the natural world. An artist inspired by this truth is Raku Inoue, who lives in Montreal, Canada.

According to My Modern Met, Inoue uses an assortment of freshly-cut blooms to create beautiful insect sculptures. Each is delicately handcrafted and mimics an insect found in nature. The creatures are ethereal and exhibit the artists’ creative use of materials.

Natura Insects features 9 different types of bugs, including beetles, a butterfly, and even a ladybug. Inoue begins by layering floral elements onto a white piece of paper. He chooses vibrant petals to make the insects “come to life.” Some details – such as antenna, legs, or even pincers – are sculpted from different parts of flowers, such as leaves, fragile stems, and buds.

The unique series encourages observers to shed preconceived notions about insects being “creepy” and “crawly.” In this form, they are both lovely and fascinating. The artist works with a verity of experimental materials and novel mediums. If you would like to view more of his work, you can follow him on Instagram.

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