UK Government To Ban The Sale And “Domestic Burning” Of Wet Wood And House Coal

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The global fuel crisis and preservation initiatives along with pollution control measures are about to change the lifestyle of fuel consumers. A ban on the consumption of wet wood and coal would be imposed on citizens of England to combat air pollution.

Starting next year, wood stoves and open fires would have no permission to feed on pollutant fuels. Most bags of logs stored across the stores have been found to possess wet wood- a variety of wood that adds more to the air pollution than the other variants.

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The pollutants released from industries, traffic and even domestic sources like wood stoves and coal fires contain particulate matter (PM 2.5) – which are so small that they enter our lungs. Hence the government wants to nudge the citizens towards a cleaner lifestyle.

According to Environment Secretary George Eustice, while wood stoves and cozy fires are at the heart of British households, the use of certain pollutants have to be avoided in order to ensure that the country has clean breathable air. The point is to not take away something that is a part of their culture but to improvise it and make it more convenient for the modern era and its requirements.

Wood stoves and open fires would still be there. But there would be a strict regulation to ensure that the wood that goes in has dried properly. The Government plans that by 2023, all the consumers would have been instructed on how to dry wet wood and most places would not be selling house coals, if at all.

Even Scotland and Wales are considering this idea. While people from the midlands seemed to welcome this idea they were also skeptical about its implementation. This could help people with breathing issues like asthma but there are many who pick up woods from the fallen branches and use them. It might not be easy to convince them to turn to a cleaner alternative.

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Implementation of a law like this proves to be a challenge. There is no stopping people from using backyard trees for fuel. And even if such intention is brought forth there are many limitations to carrying it out. The citizens could not be subjected to garage inspections. There is neither the force nor the economy to support such an endeavor.

While a large scale burning of wet woods might get banned, but on small domestic scales, underground consumption is likely to continue. With the diesel precedent following them on this curve, the government must draw out a proper plan to match its honorable intentions.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Lubos Chlubny

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