The Moon Will Have 4G Internet Before Billions Of Humans On Earth

Internet moon

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Nokia has been selected by NASA as the official 4G internet provider for the moon. There was a $14.1 million contract on offer to build a 4G LTE base station on our moon. The deadline is set as 2022 and it is all a part of the Artemis program. The Artemis program is NASA’s effort to establish human presence on our dear satellite.

If NASA and Nokia make the moon 4G internet ready, it will have the coverage before 4.5 billion earthlings have the same connectivity!

4G internet on the moon

4G Internet: An Unfair Race?

Cisco has announced that about 51% of the earth’s population, which is 3.9 billion humans had some sort of internet connectivity as of 2018. Cisco predicts by 2023, around 5.3 billion will have internet access. Which is about two-thirds of our population.

But what Cisco predicts is just the internet access. Not all of it will be high-quality 4G internet. One-third of those who will have internet access by 2023 will be on slower networks of 2G and 3G. In contrast, NASA astronauts will be using high-speed 4G internet from Nokia to virtually control lunar missions and even stream HD videos of those adventures.

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On earth, the progress for equal access to the internet is quite slow. Many rural electric co-ops have been working to help their members access high-speed broadband. But telecom companies are busy swatting down all local efforts for the common public to access the internet. And now, the moon will welcome 4G internet connectivity! 

In a press release, Nokia announced the 4G LTE contract and also said that they plan to pursue further space applications for not just 4G but also 5G. NASA plans on utilizing this technology to control functions for data transmission and such things. By 2028 they plan on establishing a semi-permanent lunar base and this 4G internet connectivity will help them with this target.

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