A Big Tub Of A Certain Domino’s Dip Has More Calories Than 2 Cheeseburgers

Domino Dip Has More Calories Than 2 Cheeseburgers

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We might love dipping our pizza crusts in the many flavors of dips available at Domino’s. And the garlic and herb dip is especially popular. After all, eating the barebones crust of the pizza after the inside has been eaten needs a dunk. However, you may be horrified at the number of calories that this extra dip has.

We do know that ordering a pizza at home is not exactly a health-conscious choice in the first place. A pizza is, by itself, a festival of cheesy carbohydrates. But the garlic and herb dip tub that you get as the final addition to your order at Domino’s also comes with a considerable amount of calories.

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The big pots weighing 100g actually are more calorie-heavy than 2 cheeseburgers from McDonald’s. The official information about the nutritional content, on Domino’s website, lists the garlic and herb big dip as having a staggering 675 calories. To put that in perspective, that is more than the calorie content in 3 slices of large pizzas at Domino’s.

As a further comparison, one cheeseburger from McDonald’s has 301 calories. This detail has been listed by the Nutrition Calculator of McDonald’s themselves. This would mean that 2 servings of the burger would come to about 602 calories – over 50 calories less than 1 big tub of the garlic and herb dip.

People’s Reaction To The Information

Whenever the information has popped up on social media, lots of users have been horrified, claiming the numbers have made them doubt themselves. One tweet read that they were shaken by the fact. Another claimed that getting to know about has both ruined and explained their existence.

Other users were less perplexed or worried about the numbers. One said that knowing it won’t stop them from generously applying it on their pizza. Another pointed out that eating Domino’s itself is a bad health choice, so it is audacious to scare people away from just the dip.

For the majority of people who order a pizza from Domino’s, the calorie content may not be too alarming. However, for those who want to be careful, they can choose a smaller serving that has 1/4th of the calories (about 168). Or, you can order some other dip as well. For instance, the big tub of BBQ dip has merely 188 calories.

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A Domino’s spokesperson said that the Garlic and Herb dip is ideal for the entire family, and the big tub is meant to serve 4 people. A pot for a single person along with 3 Vegi Sizzler slices would total less than 700 calories. The spokesperson further said that Domino’s is committed to giving their customers as much nutritional information as possible so that they can make an informed choice about the pizza they want.

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