The Beer Can House: Texas Family Lives In A House Made Of Beer Cans

Beer Can House

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Texas has its share of bizarreness, but this beer can house is something quite different. The Beer Can House is a new wonder that sits in the Rice Military neighborhood in Houston, Texas. 

John Milkovisch used to work as an upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad. John was quite anxious post-retirement. He’s the kind of man who always preferred to work with his hands. So, sitting at home was not his favorite bit. He first started experimenting on his house back in 1968. He removed the grass and put concrete blocks on his lawn. These blocks were soon decorated with rocks, marbles, and metal bits. And can you guess why he went through this ordeal? He was apparently sick of mowing his lawn! 

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Beer Can House


John went on to further decoration efforts. He put up fences, flower boxes, benches, and created many other landscape items made from redwood and concrete. Once the lawn was done, the next focus was on the house. This beer lover noticed the cans stacking up and created an aluminum siding first. The can tops and tabs were turned into garlands for a windchime! And the best benefit was the lowered electric bill since sunlight was reflecting off the house. Slowly the Beer Can House started taking shape.

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The Beer Can House At Present

The current Beer Can House has over 50,000 beer cans recycled as decoration pieces along with other materials. The most common labels are Texas Pride and Coor, which reflect John’s preference in beers. The Beer Can House is not just for John, the beer lover. It has multiple religious significances along with sentimental testaments to Mary and John’s relationship. The bench in their concrete lawn has “John’s Spot” and “Mary’s Spot” on it!

The Beer Can House is open to visitors on the weekend. The Milkovischs charge $5 for adults while children under 12 get free entry. Be sure to carry your own 6-pack if you plan to visit the Beer Can House any time soon!

Images Credit: Mattie Kannard, Facebook

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