New York Chipotle Store Was Ravaged By Avocado-Loving Rats

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

New York and rat stories? Now that’s a good prompt for everyone to enjoy! This old city has had its share of rat stories and 2020 could not have been any different! After struggling in the lockdown, a New York Chipotle store has again opened its doors. But the nearby rats had been missing their food more than their human patrons, it seems!

While this particular incident was not nearly as scary as the CDC warning about New York’s cannibal rats, it is still not a fairytale! Recently rats were found in a New York Chipotle in the Washington Heights area. The rats had chewed through the wiring system, attacked employees who tried to get rid of them, and also led to the indefinite closure of the restaurant.

Rats In New York Chipotle Store

Melvin Paulino, an employee of the store, told the New York Post how it’s “pure chaos” every time they spot a rat. The restaurant is closed to the public, but the staff needs to regularly go in and clean the place. This is done to stave off further infestations. The Chipotle employees have been spending their time between chasing the rats with brooms and stomping to scare them!


First signs of a rat infestation were noticed in the summer months. Rats had been devouring avocado supplies and biting through rice bags. Much like New Yorkers, the rats developed a taste for the delicious avocados and the store had to shift the fruits to a freezer. Remy might survive an hour in a freezer, but these puny rats won’t!

The New York Chipotle store had tried multiple ways of dealing with the rat infestation but all attempts had failed. So finally, they had to stop operations when the rats started chewing through the wirings of their computer systems. 

Hygiene is on all our minds even when we safely venture out to eat. If such public places don’t maintain proper health standards, they won’t be attracting customers for too long!

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