Man Travels To All 50 States To Mow Lawns For Veterans


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Rodney Smith, 29, has travelled to every state in the USA to mow the lawns for veterans. And he hopes that people would follow in his example because the veterans deserve respect for what they have done for the country.

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This good Samaritan from Huntsville, Alabama finished his tour of the country in Hawaii. Speaking to ‘Good Morning, America’, Smith Jr. mentions how this came out of a desire to do something for the elderly, the veteran and the single moms. He narrates an incident where he saw an old man struggling to mow his lawn, at which he intervened and did the job himself.

Since then, he has turned one single incident into a passion where he would mow lawns for people who didn’t need to worry about this, at least. In 2017, he instituted the 50 Lawn Challenge which has now gathered around 400 kids participating in it. 

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 In an interview with ABC News, he mentioned how his latest trip down the country was dedicated to veterans. In what was a heartfelt declaration, he spoke about how the veterans shouldn’t have to worry about getting their lawn mowed, over everything they already had to worry.

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He concluded by saying that this was the least they could do for people who gave their all for the country.

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