Want Your Kids To Get Smarter? Teach Them How To Play Music – Say Scientists

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Parents always want their kids to be smart and intelligent. Some experts have been suggesting that teaching children how to code can benefit them in many ways, but new research has pointed out that music is the gateway to getting smarter kids.

Coding allows greater advantage in terms of technology but it lacks the benefits that is provided by the latter.


People argue that teaching children how to code helps them with their language and mathematical skills but research published by MIT and also in the Journal of Neuroscience, has proved that it has a positive impact on brain development in a child.

How Can Learning How To Play Music Make Us Smarter?

The authors of the paper stated that learning music during the early life of a child helps their brain to stay more connected and makes their brain neurologically capable of several things, not only music.

“This study, among other studies, demonstrates how the human brain is shaped by experience,” explains co-author Lutz Jäncke to Inverse.

They found that musical brains were able to produce more functional and structural connections as compared to the people who did not learn.

Keeping aside what we spoke about, ballet, golf, and chess have also been seen to produce similar connections as shown by research.

Simon Leipold explained that the findings mattered for any expertise in the areas where a person can improve himself through long-time and intensive training.

The researchers chose 103 professionals and 50 non-musicians to go in for brain scans. After scanning, they were compared and it was found that all of the musicians have similar networks.

They also had a better functional and structural connection as compared to the non-musicians, in the areas related to sound and speech.

Another factor that played a massive role was when the musicians began learning music. The earlier he/she had learned how to play an instrument, the stronger were the connections.

The final statement was that early training can helps kids develop stronger neural connections which make them smarter. 

If you have a child and want the best life for him, as per the findings of this study, then you too should lean towards teaching your child how to play an instrument.

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