Gay Couple Adopted Six Siblings So They Can Grow Up Together After 4 years in Foster Care

Gay Couple

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Pennsylvania saw a gay couple adopt 6 kids who stayed in a foster home for around 1,640 days. 

Rob Anderson-McLean and Steve Anderson-McLean, adopted the children to prevent their splitting.


The kids who were adopted were Carlos (14 years old), Guadalupe (13 years old), Maria (12 years old), Selena (10 years old), Nasa (9 years old), and Max (7 years old). They were adopted on May 23, 2019.

Steve remembered the moment he adopted them and shared it in an interview with Good Morning America.

He was asked by the judge if he understood at that moment that they were his children after the adoption procedure was over and they would be as much as his biological children.

He obviously knew about that, but when he looked into the eyes of the children he felt extremely emotional. He felt that he was blessed to have children, that too, six of them.

The couple had been together for more than 18 years and had a commitment ceremony held in 2006. They then got hitched in 2013 in Maryland.

They fathered 2 kids, Parker and Noah, who were 25 and 21 years old, respectively from their previous marriages.

When their own kids grew up, they felt like adopting more children, as they were not done with the perks of parenting.

The Couple Adopted The Kids And Changed Their Own Lives

They did some research and found that split siblings were always emotionally damaged after the split, and this touched them.

They looked for kids to adopt and found these 6 siblings on a certain website.

They realized that the children were neglected and abused in foster care for over 5 years.

The gay couple fell in love with the children instantly and these kids brought a different energy to their lives. The feeling was heartwarming and exciting.

Rob and Steve got together with the children and moved in with them after a month.

The initial connection was great and the kids wished they could stay there forever. They took them to the zoo and the park, and they had fun as these were all new to them.

The family, now, consists of 8 people, and their living together has given Steve, huge relief.

Another touching moment was when Max asked Steve if he would ever get unadopted. Steve had to reassure him that he would always be their son.

The emotional bond between the family is so strong that it feels like it has been going on for years. Rob stated: “There are no rules as to what can constitute a family and the love that we share.”


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