Steven Tyler Of Aerosmith Is Helping Abused Girls By Opening A Second Janie’s House

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Steven Tyler, an American singer, songwriter, actor, and philanthropist has been making headlines lately. This is because he recently helped open a second Janie’s House, a safe haven for mistreated and neglected girls and women, in Bartlett, Tennessee. Later this year, he intends to open a third. 

Billboard reports that in early February, Tyler attended the ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of Janie’s House. The house exist to help abused girls and women and is located on an 82-acre Youth Villages campus. 

The house is big enough for 14 women and girls at a time, and dozens annually. In addition to offering residential accommodations, the  3,900-square foot house offers access to 24-hour medical care and therapeutic support. There’s even an outdoor living space which overlooks a stunning lake. Guests and residents are constantly surrounded by inspirational murals and quotes chosen by Tyler.

“The mission of Janie’s Fund does my heart and my soul good,” said Tyler in a statement. “This is real – to help even just one girl through Janie’s House is a dream come true… just when the world feels over, you can turn into a butterfly.”

The singer-songwriter donated nearly $500,000 to Youth Villages. He also helped design the artwork for the building. Said Patrick Lawler, CEO of Youth Villages: “We wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for Steven and his dream of Janie’s Fund.”

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Reportedly, the home and Fund were inspired by the 1989 Aerosmith hit, “Janie’s Got a Gun.” The song chronicled the abuse of a child and her violent revenge. The first Janie’s House opened in 2017 just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. A third Janie’s Home is slated to open in Las Vegas later this year.

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