Strange Video Shows Penguin Catching His “Wife” Cheating On Him


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Imagine you enter your house after a tiring day and find your wife in bed with another man? What would you do? Of course, you will be terribly disappointed – furious, shocked, surprised, angry, etc. You know that you should not react but you obviously do. Maybe there is a verbal fight – a huge argument with a lot of blame slinging – and then, you get out of the house and go your way – maybe in a shady bar where you can drown your sorrow with pints of alcohol.

Well, it might sound like a Hollywood movie to all of you – but that’s a reality for many people. Most Americans, about 90%, will not subscribe to the idea of infidelity. However, more than 40-50% people tend to cheat. And that often leads to depression, domestic abuse, suicide, etc. But is cheating really intrinsic to us? Is it true that once a cheater, always a cheater? We don’t know that yet, but the repercussions of cheating are present all over the animal world.

Why are we saying that?

This video proves it all. Here, a penguin comes back home to meet his wife and to his surprise, he finds his wife with another male penguin. Enraged, he starts to pick a fight with the male penguin but before that, he calls for the female and asks her to choose one of them – the husband or the homewrecker. The penguin chooses the homewrecker. Now, the husband starts to use his beak to weaken the husband, but the bloody fight ends with his defeat.

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The male penguin gives out a final plea to his wife – and walks away, defeated, broken, and trying to find comfort in some other female’s arms.

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