86-Year-Old Man Teaches Himself To Knit, Makes 3,000+ Caps For Premature Infants

By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

It all began when Dogwood Forest Assisted Living, Moseley’s home in Georgia, asked for residents to help make knit caps for premature newborn babies. The elderly resident was more than happy to participate. 86-year-old Ed Moseley told Inside Edition: “I’ve never knitted in my life. Corporate said it’s a nice project for keeping the old people out of trouble.”

Despite battling cancer, Moseley taught himself to knit in just four days. At first, the task of knitting a baby’s cap took him four hours to complete. But at the time of reporting in 2016, the activist could complete a cap in 1 1/2 hours while watching television or chatting with a friend.

Within the first few weeks of picking up the trade, Moseley created 55 caps for premature babies. It wasn’t long before other residents pitched in. Together, they knitted more than 300 caps for the newborns.

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All caps were delivered to to the Northwise Hospital, just in time for National Preemie Awareness Day. Said Patricia Blunt, a mother of a premature baby in the unit: “It’s very nice that so many people care about the babies in the NICU. Being up here is so disruptive to your every day and knowing that people care enough to help parents is so appreciated.”

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Moseley hopes to remain at the retirement home and continue to knit and send at least 30 new caps to the hospital each month. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

h/t Inside Edition

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