Simba Became The First Lion Cub Born In Singapore Via Artificial Insemination

Artificially Inseminated Cub, Simba

The Lion City is located in Singapore and has welcomed a new lion cub named Simba. The WRS (Wildlife Reserve Singapore) has recently made a public announcement that they have added a new member to their family on the 26th of January 2021, Tuesday. This new member is the first artificially inseminated cub of the country. His name Simba is actually derived from Swahili that means ‘lion’.

The name, Simba, celebrates the heritage of this artificially inseminated cub. In addition, it also pays homage to ‘The Lion King’ which was a Disney movie that was released in 1994.

The lion cub is African in nature and was born on the 23rd of October in the Zoo of Singapore. Mufasa, the father of Simba, went through an electro-ejaculation. This is a process through which research and breeding programs are conducted. After this, the veterinarians and keepers of Singapore Zoo collected the semen of Mufasa. Consequently, Simba was conceived.

Following this, the semen of Mufasa was inseminated inside Kayla who is a lioness and Simba’s mother. Kayla was selected as the perfect candidate for producing the artificially inseminated cub because she had proved to be a breeder.


Stunning Simba: An Artificially Inseminated Cub

The news of the birth of Simba, an artificially inseminated cub, is a highly appropriate and euphoric moment for Singapore. This is due to the reason that the Malay name of this city-state is ‘Singapura’. The word ‘Singapura’ basically means ‘lion city’.

Simba is currently three months old. WRS has recently released a video of Simba. In this video, we can see this artificially inseminated cub playing with a rattan ball which is his favorite thing to play with. Meanwhile, Simba is working upon his skill of roaring. In short, the lion cub has already won the hearts of the netizens with his adorable looks, vivacious nature, and rare breeding.

The officials of WRS have also stated that during the first month, the lion cub has shown extremely good development. The development was owing to the care received by Simba from Kayla, his mother. However, the keepers had later informed that he revealed signs of lethargy. Additionally, Simba also faced some trouble suckling.

It was observed that the mammary glands of Kayla were suffering from inflammation. The team of animal care had reached the decision that the nutrition of Simba requires a supplement. Subsequently, Simba received extra nutrition from bottle feeding.


A Wondrous Lion Cub

Kughan Krishnan is the head of the keeper of the carnivores in the WRS. He has recently spoken about a very delicate decision taken by their team regarding this wondrous artificially inseminated cub. The team was not sure about bottle-feeding Simba. This is mainly because many of the young reject bottle feeding after a temporary separation from their mother.

Artificially Inseminated Cub, Simba

Credits Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Krishnan further added that Kayla accepted the intervention and prioritized the well-being of Simba. This indicates the trusting relationship between the WRS team and the lioness that has developed over the years.

It is unfortunate for this artificially inseminated cub could not spend time with his father. This is because Mufasa died right after the process of electro-ejaculation. WRS has informed that Mufasa died due to his weakening health condition.

African lions can live for a mere 10-14 years. They are categorized as ‘vulnerable’ species by the IUCN. However, Simba will preserve the bloodline of Mufasa. This special artificially inseminated cub is kept in the off-exhibit section of the zoo with Kayla. They are privately developing a close bond. Simba shows features of a healthy as well as an inquisitive lion cub.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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