Bear Pair Finally Freed From Captivity In Hellish Pakistan Zoo After 13 Years

Dancing Bear Pair

The notorious zoo of Islamabad housed a dancing bear pair who were severely neglected. The zoo had once housed 960 animals including this pair of sick Himalayan brown bears. The infamous zoo is finally shut down and the indisposed dancing bear pair has been sent to a sanctuary in Jordan on Wednesday.

The Marghazar Zoo has earned a bad reputation owing to the horrific conditions and treatment given to the animals. It had gained international notoriety and grabbed the headlines when Kaavan was labeled as ‘the world’s loneliest elephant’. The mistreatment of the elephant had acquired the attention of Cher, the iconic American actress. Consequently, Kaavan was transferred to a new home in Cambodia in the previous month.

The High Court of Islamabad had given the order to close the zoo at the beginning of the year. This was due to the outrageous treatment of the animals as evident in the case of Kaavan and the dancing bear pair. The court held the zoo responsible for systemic negligence.


Long-Awaited Freedom For Dancing Bear Pair

There were only two animals left in the Marghazar Zoo. The two animals included the Himalayan dancing bear pair. These brown bears are named Suzie and Bubaloo. They will get their freedom from this hellish zoo on 21st January 2021, Wednesday. Dr. Amir Khalil has informed, that they will be sent to their new home which is a sanctuary located in Jordan.

Under the supervision of Dr Amir and his team, Suzie and Babloo are making their way to Jordan. The last of the animals…

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Dr. Khalil is a veterinarian at Four Paws International which is a global group working for animal welfare. Khalil has been attending to the badly treated animals of the zoo and spent many months nursing Kaavan. He has made a special diet for Kaavan that will help to soothe his tortured spirit and heal him quickly so he will be fit enough to travel to Cambodia.

The brown dancing bear pair had undergone the training to entertain from a very early age like the others of their breed. The elder daughter of King Hussein, the former king of Jordan is the head of the noble foundation of Princess Alia. This foundation is gradually bringing Himalayan bears into their sanctuary.

Similarly, Suzie and Bubaloo who are 17 years of age will also be living in the sanctuary that is situated 1,100 meters above sea level. This indicates that the bears will be inhabiting a cold and snowy climate that is typical of their natural habitat. However, the dancing bear pair were stripped of their natural weather condition in the capital city of Pakistan.


‘Four Paws’ To The Rescue

During December, the Himalayan dancing bear pair should ideally get ready to hibernate. Instead, they were separated and confined in two small quarters that led to their poor health.

Khalil has further stated that Suzie and Bubaloo were showing the behavioral patterns often witnessed in animals who have suffered torture for several years. He has training Suzie on how to enter a cage that will be carrying her to Jordan. Nonetheless, Bubaloo has been more stubborn. As a result, he needs sedation for the trip.

For those who do not know the story of #Suzie and #Babloo , here it is.

Also it’s a goodbye letter from #Suzie and…

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The dancing bear pair have exhibited a few health issues. Suzie was suffering from malnourishment because her teeth were forcefully extracted to stop her from attacking trainers and tourists. Khalil is giving her a fish and chicken meal with her food cut into smaller pieces. Bubaloo has an abscessed tooth which makes him unruly and aggressive which is unlike Himalayan brown bears who are usually lovable in nature.

Dancing bears go through abusive training as they have poor hearing. This dancing bear pair was trained to dance on loud music and a hot plate without any protection. Fortunately, the Four Paws is making an effort to rescue and recover them with proper care and attention.

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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