Sia Revealed Her Face When She Bought Groceries For Random Strangers At Walmart

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Considering Sia though, this might not be strange at all. This multiple Grammy-winning singer had been the subject of a lot of theories as to how she looks behind her strange facades (quite literally), and now she’s dishing it out all. This singer has given a multitude of platinum hits, including ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘Chandelier’ that have grossed over a billion views on YouTube. 

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But before she unmasked herself, she went on a humanitarian spree where she gave back to the world that had given her so much love and adulation. Last week, when Thanksgiving shopping was in full throttle, Sia went to the Walmart in Californian Palm Springs and paid for everyone’s orders.  

According to KESQ, the local news station, Sia didn’t tell anyone who she was and took an alibi called Cici. When asked about her strange generosity, she claimed that she had won a lottery. Imagine the shock it would lead to later when people realized who she was. 

This singer has struggled all her life. Unlike some born with a silver spoon, she has had to live with Ehlers- Danlos disease, which causes her chronic pain. This is an incurable tissue disorder, and the extremely private star has talked about this only recently. Sia encouraged people with this disease to come out, and share their stories with the world. 

Not just Walmart, but Sia went to TJ Maxx too. Sporting a simple bun, she calmly glided past cashiers asking to pay for the next customer. 

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We know that Sia probably wanted anonymity in this entire event, but social media made sure people knew whom to thank for this generosity. Well, this humanitarian has proved that she is not only a talented singer but also a great human being. 

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Maybe that’s what holidays are all about – a humanitarian zeal to serve people around you. To see them smile, maybe? 


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