This $10 Biodegradable Cooler Is Reusable And Could Spell The End For Styrofoam Coolers

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Extruded polystyrene, or styrofoam, as we know it, is among the top polluters after plastic. This non-biodegradable, inflammable material is mostly used as packing material but the consequences are quite drastic.

Since it retains the temperature of the product, Styrofoam is also used to keep beverages cold. It is lightweight and pretty cheap, hence the best choice for manufacturers. But with the rise in awareness among the masses, other alternatives are being embraced by all. Igloo has recently come up with another cheap product to keep your beer cold. For nearly 12 hours!

RECOOL is made from recycled paper and paraffin wax. This 16-quart cooler can accommodate nearly 75 pounds worth of materials inside it and is also highly water-proof. The company claims this cleaner alternative material can withhold water for nearly 5 days before leaking and keeps ice cold for nearly 12 hours. The cooler has molded carrying handles and an inset lid that also sports four drink holders

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Styrofoam is not only inflammable but often consumed by animals, which causes death frequently. It persists for hundreds of years, polluting the environment and is also a source of greenhouse gases. Styrofoam coolers chip and break very easily but Igloo claims RECOOL is chip-proof.

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The RECOOL coolers can be used many times but the company has not specified exactly how many times. And if you have exhausted your RECOOL, you can also use it as a dry storage unit. These coolers can be composted too.

When tested by Ry Crist, CNET, the RECOOL was found to maintain temperatures of around 40°F. this temperature was retained for almost 15 hours and then the cooler would start to warm up.

Though a Styrofoam cooler was not tested under similar conditions, the performance of the RECOOL coolers speaks for itself. You can get them from your nearest Target for only $10!

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Would you still go for the polluting Styrofoam ones instead of the environment-friendly, better performing, unchippable RECOOL coolers?

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