Engineers Created A Waterproof & Breathable Cast To Replace Plaster Casts

Engineers Create A Breathable And Waterproof Cast To Replace Plaster Ones

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Breaking bones isn’t a very good thing, is it? But you know what’s worse? Having a plaster cast that feels like bricks on your hand. You can’t move, you can’t breathe properly; the pores in your hand do not get air. And if you get it accidentally wet by water, it just gets thicker. All in all, a nuisance– isn’t it?

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In order to fix this, three people from the University of Illinois- Jason Troutner, Ashley Moy, and Justin Brooks banded together and forked out a master plan. They designed the new, uber hygienic and biodegradable cast that was made of liquid resins. It could be set in 10 minutes, for the liquid would harden and set your bones in place in no time at all. 


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One wipe and the mess is gone! With cleanup being this easy, there’s nothing holding you back from tapping into your creative side!🎨

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 And the most interesting part? It doesn’t look like a traditional plaster cast. It has holes that allow air to pass through. 




Their startup is called Cast21, and their motto is to not hinder daily activities just because you are healing from something. A must-have for companies that rely on employee efficiency maybe? 

You know what’s brilliant? You can wear this to work, you can wear this while taking a bath. You can even wear this while you are pumping out those weights in the gym (make sure not to use your broken hand for this). It is quite comfortable, so as to not make your broken hand seem like a liability. 

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It doesn’t require electricity or any other material to set, so one can very well see its application in the army or as a first-aid kit in schools and homes. 

Whatever be it, it helps healing look cool!

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