Second Time Parents: Gay Penguin Couple Has Adopted A Neglected Chick To Form A Rainbow Family

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Sphen and Magic are a gay penguin couple who has earned immense fame across the globe. Recently, they have become parents for the second time. This compassionate couple is a resident of the Sea Life Aquarium situated in Sydney. They earned their popularity in 2018 October after they hatched their very first chick out of a spare egg that was provided by the zookeepers to the penguin couple as they were trying to hatch a piece of rock. They named the chick, Lara and gave her the nickname Sphengic. Lara has grown up with her own family now.

However, this penguin couple wants their nest to be filled with hopping children. As a result, they have happily welcomed another chick into their loving family. They have been compassionate fathers to their first child and will prove to be as compassionate with their adopted chick as well.

Posted by SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on Sunday, 1 March 2020


Penguin Couple Prove To Be Perfect Foster Parents  

One of the spokespersons of Sydney Aquarium has reported that the aquarium observes the penguins whether the couples have quite a lot of eggs and are unable to take care of them. In case they are not able to take care of their eggs, the zookeepers foster the extra eggs to the other penguin couples like Sphen and Magic. The Aquarium keepers gave one of the eggs to this penguin couple to incubate owing to their exceptional parenting skills that they have shown previously.

The Aquarium has reported that the second child of the rainbow couple has joined the other Gentoo babies in the Sub-Antarctic section of the Aquarium that has been privately hatched since the last one month.

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Kerrie Dixon, Penguin Supervisor of Sea Life Aquarium at Sydney, has given a statement that they are extremely excited about the new chicks that have been welcomed into their penguin colony. These baby penguins have been coping tremendously well so far along with gaining considerable weight. They have gained almost 95 grams. At present, the eldest is about 2kg while the youngest is standing at approximately 399 grams.

The Nature Of Their Care

It has been known that Sphen and Magic are the single same-sex couple in the Aquarium. They have grown close in 2018 and have exhibited enormous love and compassion. Their relationship blossomed rapidly in a beautiful manner and in a short period of time, they became inseparable following the season of breeding that arrived soon. The staff members of the aquarium bore witness to this beautiful love story while this rainbow penguin couple swam around in the colony together.

As the season of breeding arrived, the couple started to collect rock pieces in order to build a nest as other couples in the colony did. It did not come as a surprise that they built the best love nest of all. Their nest not only had more pebbles but was also the neatest among the other nests.


At first, the staff members gave the penguin couple a replica of an actual egg to see how well they can look after it and they were very impressed by their commitment to this brand-new role. Consequently, they were entrusted to foster a penguin egg of another couple who had two eggs.

In 2018 October, they had successfully hatched their own egg, welcoming baby Lara, later nicknamed Sphengic. Gay penguin couples are not uncommon, as stated by a spokesperson of the aquarium, and emphasized the magical qualities revealed by this extraordinary couple.

Although Sphengic has been unable to hatch this breeding season, she might be successful in offering a grand-chick to Sphen and Magic in the next season.

Image Featured: Ondrej Prosicky

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