Fixit Clinic Offers Virtual Assistance To Fix Your Gadgets

Fixit Clinic

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Ever found yourself lost in those hundreds of DIY videos where each one offers a different solution for your problem? Be it fixing your toaster or a fan, we all rely on YouTube and such sources to guide us. But with the help of the Fixit clinic, you won’t be left scratching your head anymore.

Fixit clinic initially started as a series of in-person events. The motto stands as “Education, entertainment, empowerment, elucidation, and, ultimately, enlightenment through guided disassembly of your broken stuff.” 

To get expert advice, participants brought in different non-working products. The purpose was not only to fix the broken things but also to help owners understand what exactly made the devices work smoothly in the first place. 

Fixit Clinic offers fundamental troubleshooting, disassembling, and repairing knowledge using the broken stuff of the citizens themselves. They teach critical thinking with the relationship to sustainability and consumption in mind. They do it by sharing these skills while passing them on to others.

“We strive to demystify science and technology so that, as a society, we can finally make better policy decisions,” their website states. 


Fixit Clinic Goes Online

With COVID-19 curtailing most types of non-essential touch, Fixit Clinic smoothly shifted gears rather than shutting down. In-person meet-ups have been replaced by virtual meetings that has grown the pool exponentially of repair seekers and repair creators.

Fixit Clinic

The mechanism is fairly simple. Participants must submit broken items for troubleshooting tips and suggestions to a “global assembly of community repairers” after signing up. 

Next in’ Zoom breakout rooms, the required objects, their owners, and the right Fixit guru execute the recommendations and, hopefully, fix the products.’ 

The Fixit Clinic also boasts an asynchronous/synchronous 24/7 around-the-world repair Global Fixers Discord Server.

Some things are, of course, simply beyond repair. Although the Clinic makes no promises that a defective product brought to them will be made good as new, participants can learn how and why what went wrong. And all at no cost! 

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“Last weekend, I had a session with them on my handheld blender, and they were great. Of course, it’s all open,” Anya Hart Dyke said.

The Fixit Clinic will now handle repairs to larger items, including TVs, dishwashers, chairs, and more, although they started out with smaller gadgets. Just head here to take part in the next Intergalactic Fixit Clinic or set up a repair through Discord. 

So, the moral of this story is if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But the Fixit Clinic is a fantastic way to go if it’s broke.

Imagec Credit: Fixit Clinic

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