Rooster Kills Police Officer Who Raided Illegal Cockfight

two fighting roosters

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A police officer from the Philippines was recently killed by a rooster when he raided an illegal cockfight. This unfortunate event happened in the Northern Samar province of the Philippines.

The roosters in cockfights have razor-sharp blades attached to their legs. Known as the rooster’s gaff, Lt. Christine Bolok was attacked with it. He sustained injuries in his left thigh, which cut through his femoral artery. When he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was declared dead from the blood loss.


In the Philippines, illegal cockfight is banned during the pandemic. Before the outbreak of the virus, cockfights were legal inside licensed cockpits on legal holidays and Sundays. It was also allowed on the days of local fiestas, which could last for a maximum of 3 days, as mentioned by the official government news wire The Philippine News Agency.

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When inquired about the illegal cockfight and the death of the officer, provincial chief Colonel Arnel Apud told AFP that the incident was “unfortunate” and “a piece of bad luck that I cannot explain.” he further explained that this was the first time in his 25 years of service that he lost an officer due to an illegal cockfight. Colonel Aoud sent his deepest sympathies to the family of Lt. Bolok. 

While one life was lost, the police managed to arrest 3 people and 7 roosters participating in the cockfights. 550 Philippine Peso and two sets of gaff were also confiscated by the police. Three other suspects are yet to be apprehended. 

In the Philippines, cockfighting is fairly popular. It attracts large groups of men who bet on the results of the battle of the birds.

Image Featured: Anna Yakimova

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