New “Whizz” App Tells Gig Workers The Only Places They Can Pee

Standing man peeing to a urinal in restroom

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

One of the many struggles of working in the gig economy that many people don’t think about is the fact that it is often difficult to find a bathroom on the road. In many cases, businesses like restaurants have banned delivery drivers from using their restrooms during the COVID pandemic. Even UBER has been hesitant about allowing their own delivery drivers to use the restrooms in their buildings.

Now, a new app called “Whizz” is promising to show gig workers where all of the clean and available restrooms are.

According to the Whizz website, the app can be used by “travelers, gig economy workers, and soccer moms” who are looking for a clean bathroom on the road. They will be offering free advertisement to any business that allows essential workers to use their restrooms during the pandemic.

The app’s first partner is the WaBa Grill chain of restaurants, which has made bathrooms at 200 locations available to subscribers.

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In a press release, Whizz said, “On top of the physical challenges of working out of their cars daily, most drivers are working increasingly long hours, often far from home and at an unrelenting pace. Adding to their challenges, drivers are often denied access to restrooms leading to a growing indignity of having to find relief in parks, alleys, and even containers they carry around in their own vehicles.”

This app could also be very useful for homeless people, many of whom actually do have smartphones, but nowhere to go to the bathroom.

While this app will likely become a useful tool for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road, the fact that it is even needed in the first place is seen as a sign of our dystopian times. Critics of the gig economy are also pointing to this situation as an indication that not enough is being done to protect workers.

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