On The Way To A Cockfight Indian Man Dies After His Bladed Rooster Attacks Him

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

In a bizarre accident in India, a rooster killed the man who was taking him to a cockfight. This happened on the 15th of January in Pragadavaram, Andhra Pradesh. Saripalli Chanavenkateshwaram Rao, 50, had tied blades to his rooster’s claws as a preparation for the fight. But on the way to the event, the two got involved in a tussle and the man was fatally wounded.

The rooster equipped with blades scratched the man’s neck. He was hospitalized but he couldn’t survive the injury. The man died of a stroke soon.

Kranti Kumar, the station house officer said that Rao participated regularly in the local cockfights. His rooster tried to escape while going for the match.

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Gauri Maulekhi of a foundation called People for Animals said that India is still facing the problem of cockfighting.  Even though it was announced as an illegal activity back in 1960, the fights continue.

In 2014, a judgment by the country’s Supreme Court maintained the validity of the ban on cockfighting. The ban was placed under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, but the law enforcement hasn’t been strict.

Maulekhi added that the state and district authorities have been told about the offence in a clear manner. But they still choose to ignore it. She also said that people don’t indulge in cockfighting only for pleasure. Rather the main motivation is heavy gambling and betting that is done in the event’s disguise.

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She doesn’t think that it has any relations with culture. It is the money and enjoyment factor that keeps this activity going. She believes that a kind of hysteria takes over people’s reasoning faculties and animal welfare or well being of people doesn’t matter to such people.

The cockfight continued even after the rooster killed the man.

Image Credit: Partha Dalal

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