Racist Graffiti Keeps Getting Covered With Cat Stickers By Some Hero In Manchester

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We have all come across eye-catching wall messages, at some point or the other. Wall graffiti has become a popular medium of conveying ideas or art. However, it’s not always that the graffiti comes with a positive message. Especially not the racist graffiti that showed up on walls all across Manchester, England.

People usually don’t tend to care about these belittling messages. But it might be possible that these graffitis would numb down the young minds to the ill effects of such discrimination. Such unemotional minds would then be vulnerable to provocative influence about immigration and racial issues.

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racist graffiti cover up

We usually prefer to turn a blind eye to such controversial issues instead of taking a stand. However, more and more hateful racist graffiti have started appearing on the walls of Manchester of late. And what a brilliant way to counter such propaganda by covering up the graffiti with some adorable cat stickers!

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Whoever is doing this, cared enough to make a move in the most polite yet witty way possible hiding the racist graffitis, across the Manchester city center, from the public eye. This anonymous individual, however, did point out the actual intention very clearly through the stickers, which read: ‘There was some racist rubbish here but I covered it up with this picture of a cat.’

racist graffiti changed

Although the good samaritan is working silently without disclosing any personal identity, the stickers used can be identified to have been purchased from Cracks Appearing Distro, an Australian organization. This company has come up with a wide range of cover-up stickers. Usually, they come in 7 by 3.5 inches white glossy paper, intended to conceal hateful words and graffitis scribbled on public surfaces. The stickers are also not too costly if we see the purpose they serve. This particular cat item costs only $14 for a pack of 30 stickers.

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Historically racist symbols have been painted on walls throughout the world. For instance, in Berlin Swastikas and Nazi symbols were found on various walls. Later they were converted into something creative and funny. Such efforts have always been appreciated.

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At the least, a cute cat sitting with a funny message beside it is more welcoming than a negative work of art. 

racist graffiti cover up

Some people, applauding the effort, have even said that there should be more efforts like this and they would rather look at a cat, while there is a handful who virtually supported racism or discouraged such covering up. Even pasting such a poster on walls can be considered as vandalism or tampering of public property, but at least it’s not attempting to corrupt public minds with ugly thoughts. 

On any given day, hilarious posters like these are more welcome than racist graffiti communicating biased ideas.

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