This Guy Builds Insane Swimming Pool In 60 Days By Hand

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

If you entered a sandcastle-building competition, this is a guy who you would want on your team: known only as ‘Mr Tfue’, he has built what he calls a ‘millionaire underground swimming pool house’ -using only hand tools.

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In a time-lapsed video on his YouTube channel, Mr Tfue claims to have built the entire project in 60 days.

The video has gone viral, with more than 41 million views since it was posted two months ago.

Not much is known about Mr Tfue. Except that he says he is from the United States and that he is ‘planning to build Underground City in the wild completely from scratch using Primitive Tools’…in a ‘small Jungle next to the village in South America…’


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The Primitive Technology movement

Mr Tfue is not the only one using Primitive Tools. A movement called ‘Primitive Technology’ renouncing modern methods has been gaining traction online.

It entails construction using only materials found in the wild and is being implemented by a number of people making remarkable structures around the world.

In Mr Tfue’s case, only the most simplest of tools are used: a digging stick.

The stick is used to dig out a huge hole and to carve steps and intricate patterns in the walls. Included in the design of the pool is an underground passage way, with a doorway at each end.

Everything he needs is in nature

Mr Tfue also taps into the surroundings for resources. To waterproof the pool, he crushes up what looks like an ant nest and grinds the material into a cement-like surface.

Plants and clay provide colorants. Accessories, including a deck chair, are fashioned with bamboo. A clay pot is used to fetch water from a nearby source. And Mr Tfue also shows himself to be a useful fisherman as he catches and cooks his own meals.


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Of course at the end of it all, he gets to take a refreshing dip into his swimming pool, a little reward for some serious hard work!

In a more recent video, Mr Tfue unveils an equally elaborate and imaginative underground swimming pool. In this one, pictured below, he doesn’t state how long it took to build.








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Image credits: Mr Tfue

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