Pregnant Women Having A Worse Time Than You: Social Media Has The Proof

To everyone apart from pregnant women, pregnancy is beautiful. It means months spending searching up potential names, the doctor teaching you so many things about the body, and introducing a new tiny life to the world. True, it does sound magical.

But only pregnant women will tell you about the daily struggles they go through. It’s not glamorous, stylish, and neither does it make them “glow”. Here are some hilarious posts giving a more accurate version of what goes behind all the “magic” of pregnancy.

1. Advice No One Asked For

Somehow, everyone always has some advice to give to pregnant women. Regardless if they are acquainted or, in this case, not even sure if they are pregnant. It is just infuriating in most cases.

2. A Mistake, Or Is It?

The lives of pregnant women are tiring. So “accidentally” sitting on someone’s hand, like here, is totally forgivable, if you ask us.

3. Stay Away From The Belly

Grabbing or touching pregnant women’s bellies, unless you ask for their consent, is just dangerous. There are health concerns, apart from the mother getting agitated. Here, the husband made his wife a gift to indicate people to stay away.

4. Cooked Chicken

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A more humorous way of dealing with the change in body image that pregnant women go through.

5. Being 36 Week Pregnant Does Not Make For A Happy Picture

This photo is by a husband who had asked his wife about her feelings when she was pregnant for 36 weeks. Quite apt, huh.

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6. Pregnant Women Are Superheroes

Here, a pregnant wife dressed up as Thor from Marvel’s Endgame. One more way in which they are extraordinary humans.

7. Swaddling Pets

Swaddling babies is a skill that all mothers have to master. Sometimes, pets become hilarious test subjects.

8. Problems Of Pregnancy

A simple and heart-breaking problem of pregnancy: pregnant women can’t bend over!

9. Say Goodbye To Hiding

A baby bump is anything but made for covert operations.

10. A Pregnant Woman’s Dinner

Being 39 weeks pregnant is tough. Some sweets are fine.

11. The Cravings Of A Pregnant Wife

Here, we another act that shows how pregnancy can increase the love between a couple.

12. Struggles Of Pregnancy

Apparently, for some, the toilet becomes your room while being pregnant.

13. There’s Something Wrong With The Feet

It is funny, to be honest. Also, the dog must be very obedient.

14. Exercising While Pregnant

Apparently, so many pregnant women talk about exercising while being pregnant. In reality, it is difficult to even get up from bed.

15. The Glow Of Pregnancy

Perhaps, “grow” was mistakenly heard as “glow”?

16. Pregnancy Brain

Being pregnant makes the brain all weird. Here is when the mother forgot where the baby was.

17. Swaddled Pet

An unsuspecting test subject for swaddling the newborn.

18. Even The Kids Help Out

Coughing and sneezing become a problem for many pregnant women. But luckily this mother has a very considerate 3-year-old to help out.

19. Before, After

The mother was carrying twins. An amazing testament to the human body’s power.

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20. Pregnant Deadpool

Being pregnant does not mean you can’t enjoy your favorite superhero movie!

21. Pregnancy Needs Some Alone Time

My husband found me hiding in the bathroom, pants down, shoveling cookie dough ice cream in my mouth and hiding from our kids. This is pregnancy. (29weeks)

Even an experienced mother needs it, like in this case.

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22. One More Struggle

Bending over is far too much trouble after a point.

23. Confusing Hormones

Sometimes, extremes are all the options available to pregnant women.

24. Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again

Perhaps the child did it herself?

25. Can’t Find What You Are Looking For


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A post shared by Pamela Rodriguez (@pamig_rodriguez)

To be honest, almost all of us had this experience at least once.

26. Shaving Becomes A Nightmare


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The lengths pregnant women have to go to maintain their hygiene.

27. Some People Are Just Rude

Pregnant or not, no one should park like this.

28. A Relaxing Swim

The difficult part will be getting back up.

29. Comments About Pregnancy Sizes


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This falls under unsolicited advice or comments regarding pregnant women. The majority have kind intentions, but it’s better to just give good wishes.

30. The Size Changes

Nothing in life is constant.

31. Pregnancy Brain Never Chills Out


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A post shared by Laura Jesso (@pikabu06)

First the child, and now the mother herself. The pregnancy brain seems to have a thing for footwear.

32. Forgetting Everything


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A post shared by Nydia Jimenez (@nydialjimenez)

Apparently, it happens every day.

33. Hunger Is Just Around The Corner


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A post shared by Rosemary Wine Gustin (@rosemarylynn)

Even the mere mention of food is enough to stir up the appetite.

34. The Tummy Just Doesn’t Fill Up

Not even a third helping of breakfast seems to be enough for pregnant women.

35. An Attempt Was Made


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A post shared by Jessica McFerran (@jesssiker)

She should be proud of being able to even reach her toes with a baby bump.

36. A Ride For Everyone

Our suggestion would be to perhaps wait till the baby is born, next time.

37. Sleeping Is Important


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Being pregnant means always being sleep-deprived because it’s difficult to sleep with a bulging belly.

38. A Bit Of Understanding Required


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A post shared by Michael Scanland (@m_scandy)

Well, these things happen with the pregnancy brain.

39. Questionable Treats

They probably taste sour.

40. Who Thought This Was A Good Question To Ask?

Are contractions ever “enjoyable”?

41. This Is Tasty


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A post shared by Jeriel Farias (@mrjeriel)

Sometimes pregnancy brain makes masterpieces too.

42. Weird Pregnancy

Don’t worry, you will like them again after the baby is born. Probably.

43. This Is Not What Was Ordered

We suppose, there’s cheese and there are fries…

44. Spicy And Sweet?

My friend’s wife is pregnant…

The answer is Oreos and salsa.

45. That’s Where The Keys Were


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One more pregnancy brain event that is really relatable.

46. Where Did The Ankles Go?

Apparently, they evolve into “cankles” for pregnant women.

47. Oh No

This is sad, infuriating, and worrying at the same time.

48. Plastic In The Oven


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Plastic is easy to clean once the metal cools.

49. Grooming Problems

Can’t shave what you can’t see, right?

So, we should all be a bit more considerate around pregnant women. The daily lives of pregnant women are tremendously hard work and not a bit magical.

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

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