Twice-Born Baby Makes Miracle A Reality After She Overcomes Critical Surgery


Twice born baby

Image credit: Texas Children Hospital

The world received a miracle baby in the form of Lynlee Boemer who is a twice-born baby. At present, this little miracle is doing well as well as hitting milestones to everyone’s joy and wonder. Lynlee Boemer had fetal surgery at the Texas Fetal Centre for Children. Lynlee at present is healthy and leading a normal life. In addition, her parents spoke about Lynlee and informed, that she is a perfectly normal child and doing really well.

Furthermore, the twice-born baby is reaching the expected milestones with absolutely no issues. Her improvements are signs of a strong child and taking place at the right age.

Lynlee had to undergo surgery before she was actually born. She had a tumor known as sacrococcygeal teratoma that was removed. The tumor was growing at an exponential pace from her spine and posed a great danger to her life as well as her mother’s. Sacrococcygeal teratoma is a tumor that grows before birth and develops from the coccyx of the unborn child which is the tailbone.


Medical Diagnosis Results In Two Births

Margaret Boemar, the mother was 23 weeks and 5 days pregnant with her baby. During this time she had an emergency fetal surgery. It was to remove a big vascular mass present inside the twice-born baby. She got to know about the diagnosis of her child when she was about 16 weeks pregnant.

The tumor was affecting the blood supply of the twice-born baby. The tumor was already blocking her heart and reducing her chances of survival. Finally, the tumor would have caused a failure of the heart in Lynlee as predicted by medical experts. This medical diagnosis is very rare. Furthermore, it happens in 1 out of 35,000 pregnancies.

When American Margaret Boemer was pregnant, doctors found a huge tumour on her unborn child. In a remarkable operation,…

Posted by Outlook, BBC World Service on Monday, 29 January 2018

The miracle twice-born baby had a 50% chance for survival. However, Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and the surgical team operated on Margaret and Lynlee for almost 5 hours. Finally, they removed the life-threatening tumor growing from Lynlee’s tailbone. Additionally, the tumor was bigger than Lynlee at the time.

Lynlee’s heart stopped during the surgery. She was given a blood transfusion and her heart was later restarted. The surgical team explained the procedure where they made an incision in the mother’s uterus to pull the baby out. They placed the baby back inside the mother after removing the tumor. Finally, the uterus was sewn back.

Since the tumor of the miracle child was removed by 90%, it started to grow again. The doctors decided to take her out prematurely when she was 36 weeks old. This was Lynlee’s second birth. The twice-born baby weighed 5 pounds and 5 ounces at birth.

Lynlee was kept in the neonatal intensive care unit under constant observation and evaluation. Finally, the tumor was completely eradicated when she was 8 days old.


Mother Of Twice-Born Baby Extending Support To Other Mothers

Twice Born Baby

Image credit: Margaret Boemar

Lynlee Boemer has become a blessing and inspiration for strength to other mothers with similar complications across the world. Margaret has stated that many of the other pregnant women with babies who have a similar diagnosis are reaching out to her. They are connecting with Margaret over social media.

As a result, the twice-born baby along with her family has become a huge source of inspiration to others. Margaret gives hope to the thousands of mothers with complicated medical conditioned infants. Moreover, the Texas Fetal Centre recommends Margaret to other mothers in times of need.

There is uncertainty regarding the impact of the tailbone on the twice-born baby. Margaret has spoken about the pain it caused her and her child. However, she is grateful for her miracle child to be healthy and smiling.

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