2 Brazilian Politicians Settle Their Political Dispute In A 3 round MMA Fight

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Politics is usually a battlefield of words. But, a lot of the time, those words leave audiences wondering if an open brawl would not have been more honest. Well, that is exactly what two politicians in Brazil decided upon. The fight took about two months to take place. Authorities claimed that the proceeds were donated to charity.

The issue of the fight was a dispute over a waterpark project in the locality. After months of debate, they just could not settle the differences. So they decided to settle it inside a fighting ring and let their martial prowess do the talking.

Fighting For Their Arguments, Literally

Back in September, 45-year-old Erineau de Silva, an ex-councilor, had issued a public challenge to Simao Peixoto, 39, Borba’s conservative mayor. Borba is a town in the Amazons.

The fight had begun with Silva saying Peixoto was “a crook”. There were allegations raised that Peixoto was a failure when it came to protecting a waterpark by the local Madeira River. The River flows through the town of Borba.

Eventually, Peixoto took up the challenge. But he had a condition: he wanted a proper fight with proper rules and regulations. This is because, according to Peixoto, the politician was “not a street fighter.”

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In November, Peixoto stated in a post on his page in Facebook that he was Borba municipality’s mayor and not a street fighter. However, he warned that if his colleague really wanted a fight, then he was ready for it. He said that he has won throughout his life.

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Finally, the two decided to settle their fight via Mixed Martial Arts. The fight was scheduled as a component of a larger event that was being held at a local school’s gymnasium in the town. The match successfully concluded on December 12th at about 2:30 AM. The Facebook account of the mayor live-streamed the event.

It Was A Popular Spectacle

According to the Guardian, several hundred had paid to view the fight between the politicians. In some of the clips from the fights, the politicians-turned-mixed martial artists can be seen putting their heart into punching and kicking the other. They also tried to put their opponent in a submissive hold on the floor of the ring. VICE reports that the fight went on for about 13 minutes.

After the fight, Peixoto looked the more beaten-up of the two. One audience claimed that he took so much of a pounding that his jaw had dropped. However, the referee, to a lot of people’s surprise declared Peixoto as the winner. After the result was declared, the two hugged and shook each other’s hands, and seemed to be on friendly terms.

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However, there have been no further reports about the state of the water park in question. Nevertheless, perhaps, some more politicians can do with this method of settling an issue? 

Featured Image Credit: Peixoto | Facebook

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