Scientists Are Building A “Black Box” To Record The Collapse Of Civilisation

black box

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A black box is something that we have all been familiarised with- with every single commercial flight being recorded on the device. Every single tug on the yoke and every single adjustment made by the pilot on the throttle gets logged dutifully by this little recording device that has been tucked away in the tail of the aircraft. This is the famous box that is used for searching and rescuing in the event of a plane crash- something the crews use to scan the crash site for any time an incident takes place in the aviation sector. The observations that this box record makes it extremely clear as to how the whole thing went down.


A Black Box To Document The Earth’s Demise

Interestingly, our planet will also be getting one of these disaster recorders too. This will be called the Black Box of the Earth, and the project is meant to record every single step on the way to the demise of the planet. The website for this contraption reads that unless humanity dramatically changes the way they live, climate change and other catastrophes will definitely lead to the extinction of our civilization.

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The box will be stored in a solar-powered vault which has the length of a school bus and the shape of an upside-down curb stop, with the thing getting encased in a steel shell- which would be three inches thick- all designed to withstand any major catastrophe- quite similar to how the box functions in an aircraft. 

Similar to how a black box is usually tucked inside the safest part of an airplane, the Earth’s contraption will be located in the most secure location on Earth, which is in Tasmania, apparently. When the website goes online, the box will be filled with recordings of hard drives, all storing information that is climate-related. This was reported by ABC News Australia. This project has been the brainchild of a collaboration between the University of Tasmania, an art collective referred to as the Glue Society, and a communications firm called Clemenger BBDO, and the project will start its construction in early 2022. 

How Will The Black Box Work?

The black box will be collecting the measurements of temperature, the data of ocean acidification, land use data, military expenditure, growth in human population, and energy consumption. It would also be scraping forth social media posts, news headlines, and information scoured from key climate change conferences that have taken place between the different heads of state. Now, as just a piece of art, it is definitely quite marvelous. The concept image projects a sharp, angular structure that is lined with solar panels and finds itself situated on a rocky outcrop in the remotest corner of the Tasmanian desert.


The main objective of the Black Box is to be just a silent observer, where it would be constantly retaining information, in order to provide an unbiased account of the very events that led to the end of this plant. This will make it very easy for humanity to hold itself accountable for the cost that is being generated every single second, all the while inspiring urgent action. The website further states that the idea is if the Earth does end as a result of climate change, then this recording device will serve as a memoir for anyone who is left. 

All Image Credits: Earth’s Black Box

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