Only Non-Smoking Vegetarians Are Allowed To Live In This Russian Village

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

At the Veda Village, located in St. Petersburg, Russia, only tenants who are vegetarian are allowed. Reportedly, the complex was designed for plant-based eaters who are looking to practice a healthy and ethical lifestyle in a community of like-minded people. As is probably evident, being vegetarian is of the utmost importance.

Veda Village is perfect for die-hard vegetarians/vegans who can’t stomach the smell of cooked meat — or just want neighbors who are ethical eaters. Prospective tenants must first undergo interviews with sales agents. If they fail to convince them they are “true” vegetarians, their application will be denied. According to the developers, smoking and consuming alcohol on the premise are also deal breakers.

Maya Podlipskaya, the manager of Veda Village, told Russian news agency TASS:

“The main thing about this complex is an opportunity to live and evolve together with like-minded people. If you are a vegetarian, you are welcome.”

Veda Village’s ultimate goal is to become a sustainable community that is self-sufficient in the areas of waste treatment, energy, water and food production. The apartment complex is presently under construction. But when it is built, it will feature a yoga center, a gym, a spa, shops, a day-care facility, an education center and, of course, a vegetarian restaurant.

According to Oddity Central, two of the seven multi-floor apartment buildings in the complex have been completed. Another is expected to be finished by early next year. When finished, Veda Village will be able to accommodate 210 families.

Though Veda Village is the first vegetarian residential complex in Russia, it isn’t the first in the world. In India, the first fully vegetarian complex was constructed in the early 2000s.

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Source: Oddity Central

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