Here’s What Happens When One Corporation Owns Countless TV Stations

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BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Currently we have an a attack on free speech across the globe. This attack has come under the name of “Fake News”, and those claiming that “Fake News” is a threat are pushing to censor anyone with an opinion which is not the same as the mainstream narrative.

Many people are missing this censorship, however, working in this field we have seen the censorship of our content at Truth Theory, as well as many partners that we work with. We do not publish fake news, neither do the companies we works with, however, our reach and the reach of many news outlets are being slammed by Facebook algorithm changes, YouTube shutting down channels and Google blacklisting sites.

The one thing all the sites that are being targeted have in common, is that they speak from a narrative that challenges the establishment. We don’t agree with the opinions with all the websites that are being targeted, but this does not mean that they should not be able to share their voice. In our case, we bring uplifting media and something that can help people to find solutions to their problems. 1.7 million people have liked our page, yet only a fraction of those people ever get to see it.

What is strange is many websites that actually do consistently share fake news are growing in reach, and have far better engagement and website visits than ever before. Which asks the question, if they are able to censor our legitimate news sources, why cannot they do the same to well known fake news sites?

This short video shows how the outdated mainstream media align to all share a message that attacks people who have a different opinion.

What is happening now to independent media is the true threat to our democracy, and the only way to tackle it is to stop buying into the rubbish the old outdated media is pushing on its citizens. 

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