Meet Jetsonorama, A Street Artist That Celebrates Native Americans

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Meet Chip Thomas, aka Jetsonorama, a street artist that makes abandoned buildings and homes come to life with his large-scale photo murals.

Thomas is a primary care physician at the Inscription House Health Clinic, which is located in Navajo Nation (native american land). However, by night, Thomas is Jetsonorama, a talented artist who creates huge photo murals that feature members of the Navajo community. “His murals reflect back our everyday life. And to know that he gets it, he understands it is amazing,” says Cyndy Begaye, Thomas’s co-worker.

“I wanted to go bigger, create work where the people in the work get to see themselves represented,”

“Especially on the reservation, the work is a conversation,” says Thomas. “I’m trying to help create an environment of wellness within the community.”

Thomas moved to Navajo Nation in 1987 and quickly fell in love with the Four Corners region 30 years later. He has learned a great deal about uranium mining and the fatal impact it has had on Navajo workers. Thomas cared for some workers first hand in the clinic and showcases pictures that depict the history of mineral extraction on the lands.  

Thomas celebrates his neighbours and spreads awareness on the native american land that was mined and poisoned for nuclear war.

Watch his story below:

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