Tunisia Deploys “Robo-Cop” To Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown

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By Ruan Van Zijl / Truth Theory

The interior ministry of Tunisia has deployed “Robo-Cop” a police robot named PGaurd. They want to use PGaurd to ensure that residents follow lockdown rules to help stop the spread of coronavirus.
The PGaurd can run for up to eight hours and is equipped with a 360-degree thermal camera, four full HD infrared cameras, GPS and a laser telemetry system. It is unknown how many PGguards are roaming the streets of Tunis
The lockdown requires people to stay in their houses however, people are allowed to leave their houses for medical reasons and to purchase necessities.
When the robot notices anyone walking in the streets it approaches them to find out why they are out. They are requested to show their ID and any other relevant documents to the camera. The officers controlling the robot can then check the information to ensure they are outside for a valid reason.
The interior ministry of Tunisia posted the below video on Facebook to inform residents about the new technology they are using to enforce the lockdown.


In the below video posted on Twitter the PGuard asks a man if he knows about the ongoing lockdown the man then explains that he just wants to go buy cigarettes. The robot then replied: “OK buy your tobacco, but be quick and go home.”


Enova Robotics who is based in the coastal city Sousse manufactures the robots. The firm also makes a “healthcare” robot that is able to use its sensors to measure certain things and could give a preliminary visual diagnosis of patients.

Image credit: Ministère de l’Intérieur Tunisievide

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