Award-Winning 11-Year-Old Vegan Chef Becomes CEO Of Vegan Restaurant

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

It wasn’t just about ideas, it’s about making them happen his way. And Omari McQueen has let his passions choose him. He is passionate about his stuff and also has a master plan to let his things play out.

It seems that vegan is everywhere lately and 10-year-old Omari McQueen has his own vegan food business. He is the youngest chef in the UK who has picked up almost every other award. And now he is both the CEO and founder of “Dipalicious“, his first restaurant that is purely plant-based. He plans to open his first pop-up restaurant in between 17 and 24 August in Boxpark, Croydon.

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He became passionate about veganism after stumbling upon a PETA UK video and at the age of eight created a pizza that used his own dip and was purely vegan. He enthuses about homemade dishes and shows fans how to recreate them in style. He always has loved to cook and creates all the dips he sells and shares it through his website. They suit even the most discerning palette. Omari wants to create food for everyone to enjoy. For him, great food is about bringing people closer together.

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His initiation into cooking began as a way to help out his sick mother. But it soon turned into a passion. Each day he breaks new ground and tries out new dishes and new ways of making them. He is particular about the benefits that his dishes serve. He also mentors other children and helps them learn to cook.

McQueen has already featured on ITV News and BBC radio, meeting celebrities including Kevin Hart and Levi Roots.

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